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Some need to knows about your fabulous Eyelash Extensions.

As always, if you have any other questions, please email or call 510-410-2426.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions lengthen and thicken your own natural eyelashes by applying single strands of false eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. Eyelash Extensions are applied to each individual natural eyelash one by one for a natural and beautiful look. Mea Beauty Eyelash Extensions are customized to each individual eye shape and desired look. Making them perfect for everyday wear and special occasions. 

What will the Eyelash Extensions look like?

The beauty of Mea Eyelash Extensions Services is the ability to customize a look that fits you and your lifestyle! 


Classic Lash Set:

The Classic Set will give you a natural, yet glamorous look. Just enough glam to open your eyes and make them pop. Great for an everyday look of more length, thickness, and curl.

Lash length and curl are customized for each each client's eyes.

Mea Beauty also offers an array of different colors, most requested black and brown. (Example: Brown eyelash extensions are perfect for very fair or very natural looks)

Eyelash extensions can be applied in different styles in which can lift the eyes, make eyes appear bigger, or elongate the eyes for a sultry look.

Volume Lash Set:

The latest technique in the Eyelash Industry has arrived! The Volume Set gives a fuller and fluffier lash look.

Fans of 2-4 lightweight lashes are created by the Lash Stylist and applied to each individual natural lash. The fans are made of tiny lightweight lashes that all together weigh even less than a classic lash! This allows over twice as many eyelash extensions to be applied, without any extra weight. Not only are The Volume lash technique is also good for corrective work. It allows those with naturally sparse and brittle lashes to wear a fuller Eyelash Extension look.

Mega Volume Lash Set:

The most dramatic lash set. Fans of 3-6 lightweight lashes are created by the Lash Stylist and applied to each individual natural lash. The fans are made of tiny lightweight lashes that all together weigh even less than a classic lash! This allows over three times as many eyelash extensions to be applied, without any extra weight. If desired, one can get the look of wearing a strip lash with this ultimate glamour look.


What do I need to know before coming in for my
Lash Extension Appointment?

Be on time, please ;) Time is critical when it comes to applying Eyelash Extensions. Our goal is to get as many extensions as possible on every single natural lash. Missing out on 15 minutes means 10-20 more lashes that could have been applied!

No mascara (on top lashes). We will have to clean off all the mascara, which takes away from your lash application time. In order for Eyelash Extensions to properly stick and hold, natural lashes must be squeaky clean. Your lashes won’t last as long.

Avoid caffeine consumption and lots of liquids. Caffeine can cause the eyes to flutter and makes it hard for most people to stay still. You will be laying down for 1-2 hours (depending on the service.)

We’re here to help! As Mea Beauty Lash Stylists, we are ready to help you choose the best lash style for your eye shape and lifestyle. We have an array of different curls, lengths, thicknesses, and even colors to choose from.

Come in tired/sleepy. No really, take a nap! We encourage that you take this time to rest because it will help you stay still during your appointment. The more still you are, the faster the lashes can be applied, resulting in the optimum amount of lashes for your appointment. (As Lash Stylists, we are working with teeny tiny supplies. Imagine trying to string thread through a needle while the needle keeps moving.) So feel free to get some beauty sleep, literally! If you would like, bring in your own music + headphones (tune into a Podcast or listen to an audio book). We don't mind! But if you choose to chat (we do love getting to know you), please refrain from talking with your hands/body. =)




What happens during the Eyelash Extension Appointment?

Consultation. Let’s talk about how you want those gorgeous lashes to look!


During the Lash session expect to get comfortable! Your eyes will be closed the entire appointment. Meanwhile each natural lash is isolated from the other natural lashes, then a false lash is applied to that natural lash. Properly placed eyelash extensions can be brushed through and are clump-free. This ensures optimal health of your own natural lashes.



How do I care for my Eyelash Extensions?

In order to get the most longevitiy out of your lash extensions you must avoid products with alcohol around the eye area. If possible opt out of the use of mascara completely, or only use a water-based mascara. The lashes can be cleansed with a small amount of baby shampoo and water. Avoid touching your lashes in order to help prevent any possible or dirt/debris from traveling onto the lashes. Lash Extensions should be washed on a daily basis.

Why Lash Refills?


The Lash Extensions are attached to your own natural lashes. As your own lashes shed naturally, the extensions will as well. Other natural habits can also factor into some wear and tear, such as forgetting not to rub the eyes or sleeping roughly.

Coming in every 2-4 weeks will keep your lashes full and in tip top shape.

Want more information about Eyelash Growth Cycle? Check out this article:

Eyelash Growth Cycle | Livestrong

Lash Fill scheduling is based upon weeks, not days. To see the price of Lash Fills have a look at our Lash Menu.

Eyelash Extension DOs


DO avoid anything with alcohol, this degrades the adhesive bond. 


DO gently cleanse them daily. This prevents debris and natural oils from 

sticking to the lashes. Cleanse using a tiny bit of baby shampoo + water.


DO avoid picking or pulling on your lashes. This risks pre-mature pulling out. It also spreads natural oils from your fingers onto your lashes.


DO brush them daily. This encourages any lashes in the telogen state 

(the last stage of the natural shedding cycle) to come out, while keeping them looking nice and not tangled.


DO avoid using cotton around the eye area. Cotton causes friction. do try sleeping on a silk pillow case.


FYI ;)


Mea Beauty prides itself in using high quality Eyelash Extensions made from sterilized PBT material,

as well as high grade  Formaldehyde and Latex free adhesive.

Our adhesive is also oil friendly! We actually encourage you to use a little Castor Oil on your lash extensions

for ultimate natural lash health. Our clients are able to wear lash extensions for years at a time.

We also use cruelty-free products!


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