mea beauty is your beauty space...

mea  /me-ah/ Latin.  pronoun. my, belonging to me.
A place where you can spend that much needed "me time". 
Take a nap while you get your lashes beautified. Have your makeup done and look fabulous at your next event. Take 15 minutes to yourself to get those brows in fabulous shape. It is your space and time to rejuvenate.
The Mea Beauty studios are located in the East Bay Area - Berkeley and Pinole. 
On location services are also available for Makeup Services.
Take a look at the Mea Beauty menu of services to see all there is to indulge in!


meet the creator - micaela jordan


Mea Beauty was created by Licensed Esthetician, Micaela Jordan.
Micaela,"Mica" (me.ka) or "Mea" for short, loves to use
her talents and passion to help people feel
and look their very best.
Mica has always had an eye for detail, especially after fully developing
her artistic skills as she earned her BA in Fine Arts-Drawing/Painting.
Mica started in the beauty industry as a Makeup Artist in 2007. 
Her love for Makeup Artistry drove her to master her skills, not only with
making the everyday woman look her best, but also in the professional
world on sets, photo shoots, film, and bridal. As she came across so many different
faces of all backgrounds and ages, she knew she absolutely had to do more.
After being introduced to the Eyelash Extension Industry, she knew it was something she would be passionate about. She truly enjoys the detailed care of applying eyelash extensions to create a personalized look for each unique eye shape. Her education in the field of beauty is continuous as she strives to give her clients optimal results and beautiful treatments.
Intrested in seeing more of Mica's beauty tips and tricks?
Check out her Youtube Beauty Vlog with over 36,000 subscribers! 
micaela's working hours:
MON - Berkeley 12pm- 7pm
TUES - Pinole 11am - 8pm 
THUR -Pinole 11am - 6pm 
FRI - Berkeley 10:30am - 4:30pm 
SAT - Wedding Makeup ONLY (available for on location)
OFF Wednesdays & Sundays



esthetician - navita manyisha


Licensed Esthetician Navita is a brow guru, lash stylist, and makeup artist at Mea Beauty. 
navita's working hours:
Tuesday: 11am - 7pm 
Wednesday: 1pm - 8pm
Thursday: 10:30am - 5pm
Saturday: 10:30am - 4pm
OFF Sun/Mon/Fri