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Scroll our Bridal Makeup Gallery to see our work. All photos are of Makeup done by Mea Beauty,


Mea Beauty specializes in amazing Airbrush Bridal Makeup.
Since 2011 we have been servicing Brides with our Airbrush Makeup techniques.
Airbrushing lasts all day long on all skin types, feels lightweight on the skin,
and looks flawless on both camera and in person.

Bridal Trial Consultation & Application..........$100

Bride Makeup Application..........$150

(Includes lip touch kit)


Bridal Party Makeup Application

Bridesmaids, Mothers & Guests..........$95

All Makeup Applications Include Airbrush and false lashes. Eyelash Extensions are available separately.  

We offer Bridal Packages including Eyelash Extensions. More information below.

Mea Beauty provides Makeup Applications both in our Studio, or On-Location.


For Services On-Location. Additional to Makeup Application prices.

 For up to 20 miles wedding day travel. Cost covers travel time, parking, tolls, and contingencies.

Locations further than 20 miles will be charged an additional $1.00/mile.

Travel Fees for destination weddings and weddings outside of the greater Bay Area. Please Inquire.

On Location minimum is $250.

Weddings outside of Business Hours fee (Mea Beauty is open Mon-Sat) +$50



We also offer optional packages that include Eyelash Extensions.

Get prepared for your special day with these beauty treatment packages, that will have you looking you're best!

Waterproof and cry proof Lash extensions that you can enjoy for your special day and any honeymoon afterwards. Feel free to consult with us for your ideal Bridal makeup and lash extensions look.

Saves 10% of the services included. 

*Package deals do not include any on-location fees.

Classic Lash Bride   $455
  Bridal Trial, Classic Eyelash Extension Set, Classic 2 week Lash Fill, & Bride Makeup Application.

Hybrid Lash Bride   $475
  Bridal Trial, Hybrid Eyelash Extension Set, Classic 2 week Lash Fill, & Bride Makeup Application.

 Volume Lash Bride   $530
  Bridal Trial, Volume Eyelash Extension Set,  Volume week 2 Lash Fill, & Bride Makeup Application.

Mega Volume Lash Bride  $590
  Bridal Trial, Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Set, Mega Volume 2 week Lash Fill, & Bride Makeup Application.

We often work alongside these amazingly talented wedding specialists. 
We would love to refer their services to you!

Bridal Hairstylists Referral:

 Modena Salon
1722 Solano Ave. Berkeley, CA
We share a salon & spa space with Modena Salon.
Both Hair and Makeup can be done at our location.


We will respond within 24 hours (within our operation hours).

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Please note: Holding dates for Bridal Services are first come, first served based upon the
signed contract and deposit.  A date is not on hold until a contract has been signed by
both parties and the deposit has been paid in full.
Typically Brides sign the contract after having a Trial. Please plan ahead accordingly.