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PhiRemoval is a non-laser treatment that removes and lightens pigmentation from both the face and body.
This t
attoo Removal treatment will help you remove unwanted old permanent makeup and tattoos safely and effectively with the revolutionary non-surgical (no laser) technique in no time at all. 
This product is created with healthy skin in mind.
We use a Glycolic acid formula to lift the pigment out of the skin. The removal of the tattoo or
bad PMU may take 2-4 sessions depending on the darkness and saturation of the tattoo or Microblading.
Although, more than one procedure to remove all the pigment, but the first results are immediately visible.
After the area is treated with PhiRemoval, the skin will regenerate on top of the treated area, resulting in fading out the tattoo/Microblading.


$160 per session

Want to be a model for our before/after PhiRemoval?

For a very limited time we are offering $60/session + photo & video consent for our models.
This is to help us with our launch promotion for PhiRemoval.

What do I need to know about PhiRemoval?

Q & A

Help! I had bad Microblading done, when can I remove it?

The sooner, the better. We can extract bad Microblading and permanent makeup, starting14 days after a procedure. The sooner it is done, the easier it is to remove. Have an old tattoo? No problem, we can remove that as well. It just may take a few sessions. 

How does it work exactly?

A Tattoo removal tool is used to implant a glycolic acid formula, in a similar way as tattooing or microblading. By using the same equipment, the tattoo extraction formula starts working almost immediately after drawing out the original tattoo ink. After the treatment, the area will have some scabbing occur that actually contains the old tattoo ink. As the skin is healing, even more unwanted tattoo ink gets drawn out the scab starts to peel off naturally, extracting the unwanted tattoo ink. 

It usually takes about a week or two for healing. Your skin will likely lighter in tone in the area or pink as the scabs separate from the skin. Complete healing usually takes about six to eight weeks. 

I'm ready to remove my botched Microblading, can I get another treatment in the same area after removal?

Yes, Microblading or any other Permanent Makeup can be redone over the same area that had removal done. However, one must wait 3 months after the removal treatment is complete.

What is the After Care?

After care is extremely important.

During the first 48 hours, use wipes to remove lymph and disinfect the wound. Repeat this procedure 3 times a day.

After 48 hours, use Skin Candy After Care – apply 2-3 times a day to the treated region until the crust falls off. Each time before applying Skin Candy After Care Balm first gently wipe the skin with PhiWipes or alcohol-free antiseptic.

Once the scabbing has fallen off apply a small amount of gel to the skin every 8 hours. Before applying Skin Candy Anti Scar Protection, always clean the skin carefully (wipe gently or dab lightly) with wipes As or alcohol-free antiseptic. The gel should be applied until the scar has fully healed, i.e. the redness disappears and the color of the treated area begins to blend evenly the color of the surrounding skin.

You may need to apply the gel for 30 days or longer.

After PhiRemoval treatment, it is necessary to avoid the following:

  • Picking the scab, let it fall off naturally

  • Exercising and face or body massage – for 7 days after treatment

  • Cosmetics and skin care – for 10-14 days after treatment

  • Tanning beds, the sun, saunas, swimming pools – for 14 days after treatment

  • Facial or body treatments - for 3-6 days after treatment

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